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A professional bike fit can maximize cycling performance, minimize injuries and increase your comfort while riding. As a Doctor of Physical Therapy and competitive cyclist, Annalisa brings an added level of expertise to the fit process. Her knowledge of sports performance and biomechanics will enhance your efficiency and power transfer on the bike while helping keep you injury free.

Annalisa holds a Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from the University of Washington and is trained with Retul and BikeFit® system. For the last two years she has attended the Medicine of Cycling Conference at USA Cycling’s Headquarters where she collaborated with other bike fit professionals and was introduced to the latest research.

A bike fit is a great opportunity to assess any imbalances that may be contributing to discomfort you’re experiencing. Cleat position, saddle height and type, saddle fore/aft positioning and the cockpit all require a great deal of attention and are incredibly important to your comfort on the bike.


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If you’ve had a bike fit in the past and are noticing new or returning discomfort, it may be time to check in and update the fit. Seat posts slip, saddles and cleats wear out, or you may have purchased a new bike and are struggling to transfer the fit specifications.

We currently offer 3 Levels of Bike Fit


*Insurance coverage may be possible for a Medical Bike Fit but new patients/clients would need to schedule a 1hr initial evaluation to establish medical necessity.  Email with questions or to set up the evaluation appointment.


Our most comprehensive and popular bike fit process takes 3 hours.  The fit begins with a thorough biomechanical evaluation. We observe your current fit and riding style using Dartfish motion capture software as you pedal on the Kickr Power Trainer. Starting with the cleat-pedal interface we will slowly work up the kinetic chain, keeping perspective on the fit as a whole. We will look at how your pelvis interacts with the saddle as this interaction is the foundation of your bike fit. Video analysis allows us to analyze dynamic cycling posture, as well as instruct you about form and posture on the bike. Clients love the visual progress made apparent by the before and after shots. 

Your feedback is incredibly important to the success of the fit process. Follow-up sessions are an integral part of the fit process and that is why we have included it as a part of the purchase of the initial bike fit.  

What to bring

Session one of the fit takes approximately two hours to complete.  The follow-up appointment is one hour to address subjective feedback by the client after multiple test rides. Please remember to dress as if you were going for a ride. In addition to your preferred clean cycling footwear (and newish cleats), cycling bibs/shorts and a jersey are recommended.


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