My buddy Abby and I went to Waterloo, WI this last week/end to meet up with friends, colleagues (and race bikes!) at Trek Headquarters.  I started the week a tad reluctant to go for a variety of reasons but mostly had something to do with the guilt of being a small business owner and taking off work in the traditional sense...

After a bit of a flight delay, we made it to Madison and were welcomed by our lovely friends, Emily and Andrew.  And at that moment, I knew it was going to be a fantastic weekend.  

Thursday we started the party with a ride to Trek and an employee only cyclocross clinic with Sven Nys and Ellen Van Loy.  I walked around Trek and was amazed at the campus, the bikes and got to see some pretty cool stuff in the works.  They make some rad stuff in Waterloo. 

Friday, we went for an easy spin and did some openers to prepare for the races ahead.  Highlight of the day for me was checking out the Trek Fit Studio and learning more about their process and pressure mapping.  

The bike racing started Saturday.  I had a great start and then faded hard about half way through. I can laugh about it now as I don't quite have the fitness I did after a road season last year, but at the time I was hurting pretty bad.  I got to cheer on the Elite race and watch my friends meet personal goals and witness some amazing athletes own the course that just owned me. 

Sunday, I was pretty relaxed as I knew I could do better than the painful race that was Saturday.  I didn't have any USAC points so I started in the back and slowly made my way forward.  I was able to finish midpack and really, about the same placing as Saturday.  It's funny how much your experience can change day to day depending on your approach and attitude.  It was a great lesson for me to race my own race especially when lacking fitness.  Fun was had. 

The elite race was a battle and with Katie Compton breaking her chain with a couple laps to go, Kaitie Antonneau was able to come away with the win.  Ellen Noble once again came in second, which was great to see.  

Huge thank you to Emily Bremer for her hospitality and letting us interrupt her work day as the head of Women's Marketing at Trek Bikes.  Trek you pulled off a stellar event this year.  I shall be back for the next! 


-Annalisa Fish, DPT

Wout kind of tire pressure you got there?

Wout kind of tire pressure you got there?