THE GLUTE!  If you have been in to see me, you know this is what I preach.  "Use your glutes!"  I now get heckled at cyclocross races by my patients and clients who say, "How are your GLUTES!".  I can't help but laugh, but am also pretty stoked the message is getting through.  I work with patients and clients every day who don't use their glutes on the bike and they suffer as a result. Do you?  

Haha! That's actually not how you use your glutes...

"My hip flexors feel soooo tight!"

"I've got this sciatic thing going..."

"My knee hurts here and here."

"My hamstring cramps..."

"My quads feel like they are on fire!"

"My low back kills me when I climb."


Sound familiar? How can the glute possibly be related to all these injuries, you ask?  Oh, its possible and here's why.  The gluteus maximus acts as a knee straightener when your foot is fixed (as it is when your foot is on the pedal).  Most people use the quads and hamstrings in the pedal stroke, thus denying themselves of many precious watts that are dormant in the glute.  Over time these pedaling mechanics become troublesome for many reasons such as quad overuse, knee cap tracking problems, the thigh diving inwards toward the top tube, etc etc.  

I'll continue to write more as we progress towards the season, but in the meantime if you want to learn how to use your glutes and stay injury free on the bike, come see us :)