About Annalisa

Annalisa Fish is the owner and primary practitioner at Endurance PDX.  She attended the University of Washington and received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2010.

Growing up in NW Washington,  Annalisa always had a passion for sports.  Continually pushing her body to its limits to improve performance as well as learning how to rest and recover properly.  She played competitive basketball from a young age up through the collegiate level.

Upon completing undergrad, Annalisa knew she wanted to make her passion for sports science and biomechanics a career.  After earning her Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science, she worked in a small clinic in Seattle, where she fell in love with Physical Therapy and patient centered, one-on-one type of care.  

She started cycling when she moved to Austin, Texas after grad school, and it quickly became a huge part of her life.  She is a well known name in the cycling community as both a strong road racer and advocate to encourage others to participate in the sport she feels so passionately about.  In addition to road racing, she races cyclocross and is now beginning to delve into fat tires and endless miles of single track. She has also played team soigneur for a women’s professional cycling team and looks to continue this role into 2016.  

In 2014, she and her family  moved back to the Pacific Northwest and opened the doors to Endurance PDX with the goal of creating an inclusive, patient-focused, physical therapy clinic and cycling studio.  

When not on bikes, she can be seen around PDX with her husband, Corey Fish, who is a pediatrician at Sellwood Medical and their pup Hawkins, who many consider to be the very best clinic assistant.